PET Preform Testing Equipment
We offer helpful equipments for PET and Preform Testing. They are designed to effectively measure the quality of products. Further, they perfectly meet the testing needs of packaging industries. The testing devices are innovative, cost-effective and easy to use.
Package Testing Equipment
Our package testing equipments are well-designed for various industrial needs. They help ensure the protection and safety of the productions. The instruments are practical in various packaging industries. Some common test types include: tensile strength, tearing strength, compression, friction, puncture, etc.
Torque Tester
We offer a well-engineered range of Torque Testers. These are precision instruments to measure the torque values for bottle caps. They help ensure overall product quality, efficacy and reliability. Further, they are designed for simple use, high accuracy and efficiency.
Hot Fill Vacuum Tester
Our vacuum testers work quickly, easily and safely. They are perfect for routine tests in various industrial processes. They bring effective and accurate results. These equipments are lightweight, portable and easy to operate.
Testing Equipments
Our testing equipments are practical in several industries. They are great for food & beverage, packaging, and allied processing needs. The equipments give stable, reproducible and accurate results. They are easy-to-use, simple, fast and cost efficient.

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